Rehabilitation, Reconstruction or New Construction

Eligible activities, which are defined in the definitions section of the guidelines, are as follows: rehabilitation, reconstruction, new construction, and associated elevation and demolition charges. The primary focus of this program is to provide relief for those people impacted with consideration given to affirmatively further fair housing, as called for within the Fair Housing Act.

Hurricane Harvey Vendor
Start Up Documents


Pre-Construction Setup

Financial Draws
  • Form 1123 Conditional Lien Waiver Release on Final Payment Affidavit Subcontractor
  • Form 1124 Conditional Lien Waiver Release on Final Payment Affidavit Contractor
  • Form 1125 Conditional Lien Waiver Release on Interim Payment Affidavit Contractor
  • Form 1608 APPD Draw Checklist
  • Builder Invoice

Program Inspection Forms and Construction Standard

Closeout and Affordability Period Monitoring


Additional Resources

GLO's Housing Commitment:

The GLO is committed to assisting Texans in the recovery process through this program and has the following services available: