2016 Floods - Montgomery County

The historic flooding events in April and May of 2016 resulted in major flood damage to homes and infrastructure in Montgomery County. As a result, the flooding events were Presidentially Declared as Disasters in Montgomery County. As part of the declarations, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocated funds to the state of Texas through the GLO for long-term recovery in the form of Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery (CDBG-DR) funds.

Montgomery County Method of Distribution

As a HUD-designated “most impacted county,” Montgomery County has been allocated $23,967,327 in CDBG-DR funds for long-term recovery.

If funds have been de-obligated from a municipality for any reason or there are cost savings for completed projects, or if funds become available for any reason, the funds will be reallocated to Montgomery County for eligible projects using the following guidelines: Amounts less than $2 million per occurrence reverts to county infrastructure projects; amounts equal to or exceeding $2 million trigger a distribution process to reallocate among participating cities based on each city’s original percent of the initial grant.

Questions regarding the development of the Montgomery County Method of Distribution or any of the tools for its development, should be directed to Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Contact information:

Montgomery County Community Development
501 North Thompson, Suite 200
Conroe, Texas 77301
Phone: (936) 538-8060


2016 Floods and Storms Action Plans